Name: Reinforcing Educator's Competences for Counselling and Motivation

According to Eurostat 20.6% of youths in Europe are unemployed (4.9% long-term) and the percentage of ESL and NEETS is equal – by 11.5%. One of the main reasons for their status is that they have not received proper career guidance and good motivation by their educators mainly because they lack knowledge, skills and adequate tools.

Project aims to provide educators with new professional skills and knowledge so they increase their qualifications by delivering career counselling. Rather than rely on traditional and unified scattered educational methods and tools, partners aim to provide a new integrated learning methodology with tools and methods for career counselling. Educators will be stimulated in terms of the development of their own training strategies and ideas for career counselling focusing on the concrete needs of their students rather than using already prepared tools which are general and not particular.

The innovation in this strategic partnership focuses on the empowerment of educators with variety of content and at the same time oriented to the national peculiarities of each partner country educational framework for career counselling. The elaborated integrated learning methodology and e-plaftorm for career guidance will focus on the basic principles and professional requirements in the sphere while at the same time will cover the national priorities for each partner country and personal perspective of the educator.


The project will pursue the following objectives:

  • To collect learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches in the sphere of career guidance at schools (CC box)
  • To test, adapt and implement innovative practices that can provide knowledge, skills and competences (attitudes)  professionals will need in their work as career advisors
  • To develop an integrated learning methodology with tools and methods that ensures motivation, coaching and support for career counselling
  • To train professionals new IT and professional skills and knowledge on career guidance so they increase their qualifications and foster quality improvement


Number: N°: 2018-1-BG01-KA201-047903

Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; Strategic Partnerships for School Education

Period:  01.10.2018 – 30.09.2020


Know and Can, Bulgaria;

119 Secondary School "Academician Mihail Arnaudov", Bulgaria;



CESIE, Italy;

Agrupamento de Escolas José Estevão, Portugal;



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