projectslogo.rechangeName: RECHANCE - Rehabilitation approaches for providing former prisoners with personal development and society entry CHANCEs

RECHANCE project addresses primarily the individuals-former prisoners who will be educated and supported on their personal development and social entry chances through specific rehabilitation approaches and the cultivation of knowledge-skills-competencies.

Main objectives:

- To provide the former prisoners with skills and knowledge which are essential for their personal development and social entrance

- To foster their rehabilitation process through proper learning materials, tools and resources development

- To enhance trainers’ capacity on how to transmit life skills and to offer them accordingly innovative solutions and inclusive pedagogies paradigms

- To digitize the quality learning content and ICT use as a driver for systemic change in order to increase the quality of adult education

- RECHANCE Curriculum & Learning Components Toolbox

- Training Digital Tools

- Adaptation Guidelines Handbook


№: 2020-1-CZ01-KA204-078333

Programme: Erazmus +, KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Duration: 1.11.2020 – 31.10.2022

Partners: Romodrom o.p.s.-            Czech Republic, Xenios Polis. Culture, Science and Action- Greece, CSI CENTER FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION LTD- Cyprus, PRISM - PROMOZIONE INTERNAZIONALE SICILIA – MONDO- Italy, PRISM - PROMOZIONE INTERNAZIONALE SICILIA – MONDO- Italy, ASTIKI MIKERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA PROLIPSIS- Greece, EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY CYPRUS- Cyprus, Know and Can Association- Bulgaria, Spectrum Research Centre CLG - Ireland;




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