Cit4VET logoThe testing phase is completed and the CIT4VET project partnership met - albeit virtually due to the Covid19 emergency - for the final meeting on Friday, September 11th.
Despite the distance, the online meeting took place in the usual atmosphere of extreme harmony and understanding between the partners, who analyzed the feedback collected during the testing phase of the project during which the Open Online Catalogue and the Guidelines were browsed and tested by Professional Trainers and Representatives of Vocational Training Bodies.

Cit4VET logoThe official testing of CIT4VET products in Bulgaria started on 25th June 2020 and lasted for 6 weeks - until August 7th, 2020. The online platform was tested by more than 40 VET representatives and trainers who provided useful feedback both for the strengths and benefits of the platform and recommendations for its improvement.

The results from the evaluation survey show that CIT4VET products were highly assessed and well accepted by the testers. 95,1% of the respondents think that the Online Database has increased their knowledge about existing educational tools and resources in the field of intercultural competences. Exactly the same percentage (95,1%) of users stated that the tools and information provided in the CIT4VET products will help them be interculturally more aware and competent and will help them respond better to the needs of a culturally diverse groups of learners.

Cit4VET logoThe Bulgarian multiplier event in the frame of CIT4VET project was organized on 9th July 2020 in Ramada by Wyndham Sofia City Center, shortly after the pilot versions of the platform and products were finalized and released for testing, considering the possibility of tightening the anti-epidemic measures in September and the impossibility of holding the event then.
In addition to the detailed presentation of the project, the partners, the implemented activities and created products, the event was a priceless opportunity for a direct meeting with representatives of the target group and a demonstration of the different types of materials and resources in the platform.


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