Dear colleagues – representatives of youth organisations, structures and institutions working with youth,

From the behalf of Nikos Papakostas, co-founder of Inter Alia, a civic organisation and think-tank based in Athens, Know and Can Association is happy to announce a pan-European campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe”

Уважаеми колеги и приятели,
Имаме удоволствие да ви поканим да вземете участие в събитие "Палитра с добри образователни практики", организирано от Сдружение „Знам и Мога“, представящо добри образователни практики създадени по Европейски програми и възможности за професионално развитие. По време на събитието ще бъдат представени проекти, финансирани с подкрепата на Европейската Комисия в сферата на образованието, в които участва Сдружение „Знам и Мога“, както и проекти на участниците в събитието:

SMIIM LogoFrom 16th to 20th September, a training on the SMIIM project was held in Athens.
During the training, decisions were made to change the content and format of the platform so that it could cover a wider target group. In addition to translators, the platform will conveniently assist cultural and social mediators in the near future, with content and test exercises added to this end.
Attendees shared their impressions of their sessions held in the partners coutries, with comments about the process, challenges faced and feedback from them.

SMIIM LogoThe work on project Skills to Maximise Inclusion through Interpreting and Mediation (SMIIM) continues.

Over a period of two years (2017-2019), Community Action Dacorum will lead a partnership involving NGOs and other non-profit organisations in six European countries, utilising the partners' skills to produce training materials to support interpreters who find themselves at the forefront of problems involving social isolation among migrants.


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