LogoSayIT Curriculum is a proposal of holistic approach towards upskilling IT professionals in the area of soft skills and it is a reference document for elaborating soft skills training for IT professionals. It should be characterised by a modular, competence-based framework enhanced by subsets of defined learning outcomes and covers five main thematic blocks (i.e., Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Teamwork skills, Organisational skills and Interpersonal skills).

LogoThe work on the SayIT project continues in full force in the new 2021! As you already know the objective of SayIT project is the strengthening of key competences in initial and continuing VET for IT professionals through reinforcing their soft skills and making them more qualified and competitive at professional level. SayIT primarily addresses IT professionals who are hampered in their professional development due to the lack of relevant soft skills. The project also addresses relevant stakeholders including the Software Industry that can influence training programmes offered for the professionals of the IT sector.


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