Entrepreneurship is the key to success - Online meeting

EKS logoOn March 18, 2021, Know and Can Association took part in an online partnership meeting within the EKS project - Entrepreneurship is the key to success. According to the original plan, the event was planned to take place in sunny Valencia, but the continuing complicated international situation unfortunately thwarted the plans of the partners.
Thanks to the active participation and professionalism of all partners, the progress of the project was discussed in detail during the meeting, as well as the following steps for the consortium were discussed in detail:

  1. IO1 – presentation of the beta version of the game
    • The consortium are currently working on the final versions of the game scenarious and the piloting and the external evaluation of the game are planned to be in the beginning of May.
  1. IO2 – presentation of the Handbook
    • The first draft of the Final version EKS Handbook was presented by BrainLog and discussed in detail by the partners.
    • The consortium agreed the final vision of the EKS Handbook to be delivered on 6th of April by BrainLog.
  1. Piloting phase – organization, questionnaires, reporting

    4. Dissemination – review of activities, planning sustainability
    • New newsletter would be published in April, including all project's progress .
  1. Evaluation – report and recommendations
    • Based on the Internal evaluation report presented by our Bulgarian partner Know and Can, even with the difficult situation with COVID19, all project partners are very satisfied with the current development of the EKS project.
  1. Project management
    • The Project management and the financial part for the EKS project was disused with all project partners.

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