EKS Didactic handbook - Trailer

EKS logoAlongside the intensive work on finalizing the beta version of the simulation game, the EKS project partners are almost ready with the development of the second project product – the EKS Didactic Handbook. While frequently the content of some training materials, curriculums and textbooks could be perceived as dry and old-fashioned, the EKS Handbook creates quite the opposite feeling!

It is an attractive, appealing and useful educational tool for both learners and trainers which main aim is to support and improve their experience in using the game during the entrepreneurship learning process. On one hand, it will help the players to dive deeper in the world of entrepreneurial skills and their importance and on another – it will familiarize the adult trainers with the gamification as a didactic tool and will support them in applying the game in individual or group settings.

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Before taking the necessary steps to improve the five key entrepreneurial skills, it is essential for the players to fully grasp their meaning. Therefore, the core part of the Handbook is dedicated to the presentation of each skill – how they could be defined, why are they essential, what is their usefulness and applicability in the contemporary labour market and what is interconnection between them.
And that’s not all – in the handbook one could also find presentation of the simulation game, its creation process, theoretical background, desired impact and learning outcomes, and most importantly, user guide and instructions for playing.
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