Soft Skills curriculum for IT Professionals - the first output of the SayIT project

LogoSayIT Curriculum is a proposal of holistic approach towards upskilling IT professionals in the area of soft skills and it is a reference document for elaborating soft skills training for IT professionals. It should be characterised by a modular, competence-based framework enhanced by subsets of defined learning outcomes and covers five main thematic blocks (i.e., Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Teamwork skills, Organisational skills and Interpersonal skills).

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The curriculum will be used by VET institutions, regulatory bodies and relevant stakeholders. Use of the curriculum can be approached from two different perspectives. The first one is that the Curriculum will act as an awareness raising publication that will make broadly understood VET ecosystem aware of the emerging need of addressing IT professionals with soft skills training. The second perspective is that the Curriculum can be directly used to design and create trainings in the IT sector, thus contributing to the objectives of SayIT project.
The Curriculum is structured in line with EQF/NQF frameworks and therefore make it easier for adoption not only by SayIT partners planning to introduce such training in their organisations, but also by external VET institutions interested in enhancing their portfolio. Moreover, EQAVET aspects are addressed to meet the requirements of VET institutions to document, develop, monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of vocational training. The Curriculum is based on a four-phase model including planning, implementation, evaluation, and review, each supported by relevant quality criteria and descriptors according to the EQAVET framework.

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