End of T-GAMES project!

T GAMES logoIt's time to announce the official end of Games for Tolerance Project.

During the project we managed to fulfill the main aim: to equip pre and primary school teachers with knowledge and skills for using game methodology by creating new educational anti bullying games and a database with analysis of games and resources.

The project also achieved its main objectives:

- better trained teachers and support staff to address bullying in all its forms

- greater confidence in using games at kindergartens and primary schools in and outside of the classroom to create safe places to discuss bullying and other contentious issues

- offering greater flexibility for teachers to use a more diverse range of learning styles and content by using games in education techniques

- improving the content of anti-bullying programmes offered for small children within the compulsory education sector by adopting game methodology as a school anti bullying approach
- reducing the disparity in knowledge, skills and understanding between countries in the partnership in regard to bullying and its impact

We would like to thank all of our partners for the good work!

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