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After 2 years of hard and fruitful work, we are happy to present you the final versions of the products created within the “Entrepreneurship is the key to success” project! The EKS project aims to develop a tool for improvement of the 5 vital skills required for future jobs: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordination with others and to support disvantaged young adults in acquiring entrepreneurial competences and to build entrepreneurial mind-set.

Here is a short overview of the main products we developed during the past 2 years:

EKS Simulation game

The game is focused on the development and improvement of the 5 vital skills required for successful realization in the entrepreneurial world. In order to be more interesting and challenging for the end users, the game has different levels of complexity (3 levels per skill). Within each level the users will be put in virtual, plausible or paradoxical situations in which they will have to make decisions, find strategies or solve problems and thus use and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

EKS Didactic hadbook

It is an attractive, appealing and useful educational tool for both learners and trainers which main aim is to support and improve their experience in using the game during the entrepreneurship learning process. On one hand, it will help the players to dive deeper in the world of entrepreneurial skills and their importance and on another – it will familiarize the adult trainers with the gamification as a didactic tool and will support them in applying the game in individual or group settings.

We want to thank all our colleagues for their active participation in the project activities and piloting the project products. We strongly tope that our work will be beneficial for all those who would like to develop their soft and entrepreneurial skills and be active members of the labour market.

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If we already caught your interest, you can learn more about the project by visiting its website or follow EKS project on Facebook and LinkedIn and be up to date with the latest project developments. For more information, visit the website of Know and Can Association or write us!

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